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About Liquid Controls

IDEX Corporation 
1925 West Field Court 
Suite 200 
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045-4824 
+847- 498-7070

Accusonic Technologies, a Division of ADS LLC
28 Patterson Brook Road, Unit #1 
West Wareham, Massachusetts 02576
+1 508-273-9600
+1 508-273-9699 (fax)

Liquid Controls Group (LCG), a Unit of IDEX
105 Albrecht Drive
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044
+1 847-295-1050
+1 847-295-1057 (fax)
LCG flowmeter brands/business units:

Liquid Controls
105 Albrecht Drive
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044
+1 847-295-1050
+1 847-295-1057 (fax)

Liquid Controls Sponsler
105 Albrecht Drive
Lake Bluff, Illinois 60044
+1 847-295-1050
+1 847-295-1057 (fax)
Faure Herman
Route de Bonnetable
B.P. 20154
72406 La Ferté Bernard
+33 243 60 28 60
+33 243 60 28 70

S.A.M.P.I. / Liquid Controls Europe
Via A.Vespucci, n°1
55011 Altopascio
Lucca, Italy
+39 0583-24751
+39 0583-264748 (fax)

IDEX Corporation is a large company that specializes in a variety of industrial, medical, and life sciences markets. IDEX’s strongest markets include industrial infrastructure applications, life sciences, and medical technologies. The company also specializes in industrial and municipal fire and rescue, and in architectural plants and coatings. Many of its products and brands have come to IDEX through acquisition. 

IDEX Corporation is organized into four business segments: Fluid and Metering Technologies; Health and Science Technologies; Dispensing Equipment; and Fire, Safety and Other Applied Solutions. 
Two of the businesses in the Fluid and Metering Technologies segment are the Liquid Controls Group and ADS LLC.

The Liquid Controls Group (LCG), an IDEX business unit, is a collection of solution providers offering meters, pumps, and control systems to move, measure, and dispense high-value fluids and gases. LCG business units offer the following flowmeters: Liquid Controls – PD, turbine, Coriolis, and magnetic; Liquid Controls Sponsler – turbine; Faure Herman – turbine and ultrasonic; and SAMPI – positive displacement. 

ADS LLC manufactures and distributes flow measurement equipment and software through two divisions: Accusonic Technologies and ADS Environmental Services.

History and Organization

IDEX’s name is an acronym of “Innovation, Diversity, and Excellence.” IDEX bought Liquid Controls in January 2001 and combined it with the Corken business unit in June 2001 to form the Liquid Controls Group. Today, after other acquisitions, LCG now includes Liquid Controls, Corken (pumps and compressors), Faure Herman, SAMPI, Sponsler, and Toptech Systems (software and hardware for the bulk terminaling industry). 

Liquid Controls traces its history back to 1954 with the proposal and, two years later, introduction of an innovative positive displacement flowmeter first used for jet refueling applications. Liquid Controls has branched out to other industries but is still dedicated to flowmeters and accessories for liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications. 

IDEX acquired SAMPI in January 2002. The Italian company was founded in 1937 to distribute mineral oils and additives. It diversified its product line over the years and in the 60s, with new regulations in fuel distribution, began distributing and then manufacturing PD flowmeters.

On June 2, 2003, IDEX bought Sponsler. The turbine flowmeter supplier was founded in 1971 in New Jersey and later relocated to South Carolina. It is now based in Lake Bluff with Liquid Controls and serves a variety of industries: industrial, government, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, aerospace, and cryogenic. 

Faure Herman, founded more than 75 years ago, developed a set of flowmeter technologies used primarily in industrial process, oil and gas exploration and production, nuclear power, and aerospace applications. IDEX Corporation acquired Faure Herman in February 2007. The business unit manufactures ultrasonic and turbine flowmeters for gas and liquid applications, including custody transfer. 

IDEX acquired Accusonic Technologies when it acquired Nova Technologies and its company, ADS LLC, on January 2, 2008. At the time ADS included two divisions, ADS Environmental Services and Accusonic Technologies, which was established in 1972 to develop multiple path transit time flowmeters with enhanced accuracy for the hydroelectric and water transport industries. ADS LLC has conducted over 5000 flow measurement projects in its 31-year history and provides products and services to customers in over 40 countries. 

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